Business Coaches, Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs:

  • Are you trying to manage all of the pieces of your small business by yourself?
  • Do you think you can't afford to get support in your business?
  • Are you too busy working with clients to actually market your own business?
  • Do you want to get support, but don't even know where to look?
  • Can you remember the last time you took a day off (not to mention a vacation?)

Stop pushing yourself to the bottom of the list!

Let's talk about getting you some support.

I understand! I have been running my own business supporting small business owners since 1996. I was up early every morning and up late every night, just trying to get it all done. I was trying to write blog posts, set up a newsletter, build my list, and establish my social networks -- never mind making time for client work (or worse, my own bookkeeping!) By trying to get it all done by myself, I was getting nowhere.

I was taking care of all of the above tasks for my clients, but I wasn't doing them for myself. You are probably doing the same thing - focusing on your client needs, and letting your own business building plans fall to the bottom of the list.

My business coaches told me I was ignoring my own needs. I would tell my clients how important it was to have a support team behind them in their businesses, but I wasn't taking my own advice! They told me to stop pushing myself to the bottom of the list.

It seemed crazy at first since support is what I provide for my clients! I thought I couldn't afford to pay someone to help me. I thought I couldn't find someone to do things the way I did. I was wrong.

You can do it too! My team and I specialize in supporting business coaches and small business owners. We will help you:

  • Take the things you don't 'love' to do off your plate
  • Get in more regular contact with your 'tribe'
  • Find more time to work with clients or build your business
  • Attract more clients and make more money
  • Have more family or fun time and maybe even take a vacation!

Contact me to schedule your free consultation to see where my team and I can support you -- let us help keep YOU at the top of YOUR list! You will be better able to serve your clients' needs when you know your needs are being take care of too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tracey D'Aviero

See our Services Page to get an idea of the services that we offer. We will put together a package that suits your needs.

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